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About Cosmos Editions

Large scale power, superbly presented Henk Pander, Frye Museum Tacoma Washington, 2003

Partners Terry Thompson and Kathleen Malan-Thompson continue the frame craft started in L.A. during the 1960’s by the Ohio Silver gallery and later in Portland Oregon in 1992 by the S.K. Josefsberg Studio. Splitting off from the gallery in 1999, Cosmos Editions was conceived.

Terry’s background includes an art education at the legendary School of Visual Arts in N.Y.C., working with artists as diverse as Diane Arbus, Andy Warhol, Vito Acconci, Gary Winogrand and Tad Yamashiro. Graduate work was with the San Francisco Art Institute, with the top west coast photographic artists, including Linda Conner, Wynn Bullock, Pirkle Jones and Jack Fulton. He was one of the first photographic artists to revive the Platinum print process in the 1960’s and his prints are represented in the collections of the Portland Art Museum, Ruth Bernhard, Emmet Gowen, Lawrence Sacks, Martha and Robert Gamblin and Bostick & Sullivan.

Kathleen’s education in the arts includes drawing, painting, and photography with a special focus in the hand coated alternative photographic process.

Our framemaking can be found in many private collections and public art displays in Oregon, including Timberline Lodge, Tillamook Forestry Headquarters, Beaverton Public Library, and the DPSST Public Safety Academy (Police & Fire ).

Welcome About Us

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